Our product strategy is oriented towards production of competitive goods, with focus on export development, and substitution of imports.

Polypropylene is the basic material used in the production of several consumer goods and component parts in a wide variety of application areas, such as packaging, textiles, stationery, automotive industry, electronic and electrical appliances, etc. Polypropylene is a so called ‘ecologically pure’ plastic which can be reliably applied in the food packaging and medical industry.

High-density polyethylene can be used as feedstock for a variety of products, right up to production of high-pressure gas, sewage and water pipes.

At present Azerbaijan is exporting low-density polyethylene which is not high in demand on the local market, meantime importing high-density polyethylene and polypropylene.

By implementing its project, SOCAR Polymer is actually paving the way to substitution of import by building the new Polypropylene and High-Density Polyethylene plants. In fact, SOCAR Polymer’s intention is to process local raw materials into final products that are in demand here in Azerbaijan. It is expected that the local market will consume about 30% of the plants’ total production, which, according to the marketing research, will satisfy local demand in full. At the same time, 70% of products is intended for export to the markets of Europe and Turkey.

The maximum project capacity of the PP and HDPE plants totals 184,000 and 120,000 tonnes, respectively.

There is a certain cluster of companies known as licensers and holders of patents for technologies that are constantly developed. LyondellBasell and Ineos are SOCAR Polymer’s licensers for PP and HDPE production technologies, respectively. Such cooperation with licensors ensures that SOCAR Polymer products meet the highest international standards. 


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