President of the Azerbaijan Republic quoted regarding SOCAR Polymer

At a meeting with the Sumgayit City community representatives15 December 2017
“Today, a number of production facilities are put into operation in the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, while a few others enter the construction phase... As you see, within just one day seven enterprises are given impetus for secured operation in Sumgayit. If we add here the other residents of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, we will see that it is indeed a huge industrial hub on a global scale.

The SOCAR Polymer and carbamide plants are currently under construction. The total investment into these two projects amounts to USD$1.7 billion. Thus, we shall both secure local production and local raw material supply, and create vast opportunities for export.”
Ministerial Cabinet meeting on the outcomes of the 1st quarter of 2017 and upcoming tasks10 April 2017
“I would like to draw entrepreneurs’ attention to a large project, namely, the SOCAR Polymer plant which is currently under construction at the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park. It is a huge industrial facility, with millions of US dollars invested into it. It will produce a useful product, which will be used both domestically and for export. However, I must emphasize that a very serious industrial sector can be created on the basis of this raw material. Now, we import almost all plastic items and ware from abroad, whereas SOCAR Polymer’s end products will create good opportunities for manufacturing ready plastic ware and items in Azerbaijan. It will be a very profitable business. Therefore, I am addressing government entities so that they explain it well to entrepreneurs that factories and plants can be established for applying SOCAR Polymer’s end product as raw material. Such developments imply creation of new jobs, more profit for entrepreneurs and better prices for our export products on foreign markets. Otherwise, SOCAR Polymer’s product will be exported only as raw material, which is good in itself, but I am sure that my advice will be heard and taken into account.”

Conference dedicated to the outcomes of the 4th year implementation of the State Program for Social and Economic Development of Regions in 2014-201829 January 2018
The opening of the SOCAR Polymer and fertilizer plants is expected this year. These two industrial facilities will not only fully satisfy the domestic demand, but also offer great exporting opportunities. The combined export volume of these two plants will fetch hundreds of millions of dollars a year. At the same time, the SOCAR Polymer plant in particular will give an impetus to the development of small and medium-size enterprises, as its products will serve as feedstock for other goods to be manufactured in Azerbaijan. Nowadays, polymers are present in the production of many different household goods and industrial materials. Therefore, the private sector, too, should be on alert. The launch of the plant should immediately be followed by the establishment of local industrial production.”