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Merchant Advance

Our Merchant Advance program turns your future cash flows into immediate cash that you can use for your business right away, any way you wish. The program is simple, flexible and tailored specifically to your business needs.

Our merchant advance program takes your future cash flows and turns them into immediate cash that you can use for your business right away. The balance is paid off automatically through a portion of future debit/credit card sales, or through an automatic fixed daily payment in the event that your business does not accept much debit/credit. The balance consists of the funded amount, plus a fee that is determined through our application process. Our process is simple and transparent.

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Business Loan

Designed for businesses who might not have debit and credit sales, this program accommodates your sales cycle by providing a loan with a fixed daily repayment schedule, making it easier for you to budget your revenue and expenses accordingly.

Our short-term business loans work very similarly to our merchant advances. Cash is provided up-front and a daily payment is made automatically to repay the balance. The only real difference is that the daily payment is fixed as opposed to being variable and dependent on your sales. By offering this traditional business loan product we make our financing solutions available to a much larger audience.

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Who We Are

A 100% Canadian owned and operated company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. We launched Merchant Advance Capital to provide alternative financing to small businesses. How can we help your business?

A Few Local Businesses Taking Advantage of Our Program

Marius, Olyo Restaurant, Moncton, NB

It’s tough for a new business to find funding to expand and grow their business. We know we have a great business and weren’t willing to settle with a company who pushed us around or tried to take advantage of our situation. The team at Mango Financial was patient and helped us understand our options.

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